How it works

Back to India Directory, serves just one purpose – to offer the best, curated recommendations of products/services to NRI folks planning their return to India. From the best shipping agencies to financial planners and everything in between.

We don’t suggest anything but offer options, with as much context and community feedback as possible, so everyone can make their own selections.

There are three main parts of the directory.

  1. Directory categories
  2. Ranked Listings and
  3. Directory items

Directory categories

Sub categories

These are the main sections of the directory, curated by a core topic, underwhich you’ll find subcategories and items listed.

For example – Finance

Ranked Listings

These are the next level of topics that are curated under a common sub-topic, and nests under the main category.

For example – Finance > Financial Planners.

In the ranked listing page, you’ll find a ranked list of items/products/services. They are ranked by the community via “upvotes”.

In the screenshot below, you can see that Financial Planners are listed by upvotes. The product/service (called as a list item) with the most number of “upvotes” will show up on the top.

Ranked listing

You can also sort the listings, by..

  1. Alphabetical order (A-Z and Z-A)
  2. Most recent
  3. Least Upvoted/Most Upvoted

How it works 3 Return to India Directory

How do you “Upvote” a product/service/item?

If you want to recommend a product/service/item listed in any of the subcategories, you can “Upvote” them by clicking on the “Upvote” button on the bottom right corner of the item (see screenshot below).

Items without any Upvotes so far will have an “Upvote” button and items with already existing Upvotes will show the Upvote number.

How to upvote

You can also “Downvote” items you already “Upvoted” by clicking on the button after the Upvote.

How to review or share feedback about products/services?

If you have a comment/feedback/review about any of the items listed in the directory, you can do so by clicking on the item listing on the subcategory page and going to the list items page.

For example SBI NRE Account

On the listing page, when you scroll down the last part, you’ll see the buttons to register/login, clicking on which you ‘ll get the form to leave the review.

Sample review

Things to note about leaving reviews

  1. You need to register on the site to leave a comment/review.
    This is to ensure that reviews are from genuine accounts and not fake.
  2. You can register using Facebook, Google ID or Email.
    The website will be able to see your email address and social media profile associated with it, and nothing else.
  3. Reviews have to be genuine and helpful for other members who might be thinking about buying that product/service.
  4. All type of reviews including negative and positive reviews are welcome but you might be asked for verification in some cases if needed.
  5. Reviews should not be used to harm, defame anyone, any product/service and should follow commonly accepted behavioral norms.
  6. Reviews should not be used for spam (blindly advertising a service/product without context using links etc).

How to add a product/service?

If you think you have a product/service that needs to be added on the directory, you can suggest it here and the admin team will review it.

How to register?

You can register with three options..

  1. Using your email.
  2. Using your Facebook profile.
  3. Using your Google profile.

You’ll see the login/register buttons everywhere on the directory. Click on the FB/Google buttons to get started with.

What is the objective of this directory?

The objective of this directory is to offer helpful information to returning Indians, and nothing else. The community already have WhatsApp and Facebook groups where a lot of information gets shared, but we wanted to offer a platform where most of it can be shared contextually and referred to at a later time, without being repetitive.

If you have any feedback or suggestion, you can send them to the admins here.

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