Citi Rewards Card

While Citibank Rewards Card holds a lot of promise for shoppers, its complex terms and lack of proper customer support can be a pain. Here’s more.

The Citibank Rewards credit card has been designed specifically for shopaholics. The card comes with a number of discounts and deals in various categories for its users. However, despite having rolled out so many features in its credit card, Citibank still struggles to compete with its local rivals. This is because it has a relatively low number of branches in India and offers only a few credit cards.


  1. Get 1 point on every purchase of ₹125
  2. You can earn 300 points if you spend equal to or more than ₹30,000 in a month
  3. Get 1,500 bonus points on the first transaction made through the card within 30 days of its issue
  4. 1,000 extra points get added to your card, if you make the first purchase worth ₹1,000 with the card, within 60 days of it being issued
  5. Get 15% savings at partner restaurants
  6. Purchases at departmental or apparel stores offers 10 times greater reward points
  7. Annual card charges are waived off if you spend ₹30,000 in the first year and on spending the same amount in the second and third years.
  8. Rewards earned can be redeemed in any Indian Oil petrol pump across India.
  9. You can use the points to make online purchases or other transactions, such as booking movie tickets, mobile services or travel ticket bookings.
  10. The conversion rate for reward points is 1 point = ₹0.25
  11. Air India and Jet Airways have a tie up with the card, so you can redeem your reward points at a rate of ₹0.75 per point for getting frequent flier membership miles.
  12. Facility to adjust reward points with the outstanding statement of the card at a rate of ₹0.35 per point.


  1. You need a minimum of 250 reward points to be able to redeem them at the Indian Oil petrol pumps
  2. You need a minimum of 100 points to redeem them in the form of frequent flier membership miles on Jet Airways and Air India
  3. The option to adjust reward points with outstanding balance is difficult, since you need at least 5,000 points to do so.
  4. There have been complaints of poor customer services from several customers, including lack of timely dispute resolution through the phone, email or mobile app channels
  5. No protection in the event of unauthorized card usage due to card theft, unlike the facilities offered by other credit card companies like IndusInd and HDFC.


  1. Great reward point system for frequent shoppers
  2. Bonus points on registration and on achieving the spending milestones
  3. Facility to convert points into air miles and fuel purchases


  1. Difficult conditions for reward points redemption
  2. Long delays in obtaining the card after application submission
  3. Poor customer services

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