Earth Relocation

Many have had a bad experience with shipping through Earth Relocation. Here’s more about them.

With over 10K moves worldwide, Earth Relocation is an experienced movers-and-packers company, based in New Jersey and California. They have a branch office in Mumbai as well. Earth Relocation offers a wide range of services, catering to both families and corporate clients. They do have a good homepage with a lot of information, which does tend to inspire trust. Unfortunately, not all the pages actually work.

What Earth Relocation Offers

  1. Free estimates through in-home visits
  2. Consultations with packing and logistics experts
  3. Can also help in automobile transportation, including boats
  4. They can also assist in transfer of pets
  5. Dedicated staff to manage the entire process, including surveying, packing, loading, storage, shipping and delivery to the final destination.
  6. Storage in 30K sq ft, climate-controlled warehouse, located in New Jersey. They also offer space on rent for long term storage.
  7. Overseas shipping services by ground, air and sea
  8. Risk insurance coverage through partner brands
  9. Specialization in export packing and crating
  10. Prompt customer services
  11. Expert services in transporting antiques of great value


  1. Website doesn’t work properly in parts
  2. Customers have claimed a huge difference in their price quotes and the actual cost of delivery. This happens at the last minute and usually the customer has no choice but to pay at that time.
  3. Delay in delivery times
  4. Those who have moved from USA to India face difficulties in reaching them, once the customer has arrived in India.
  5. Reports of alteration of insurance forms
  6. Reports of mishandling of furniture and precious artifacts

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