Gandhi International

Claiming "hassle-free" and "low-cost" Gandhi International shipping seems to be great. But is it really? Find out more.

Gandhi international shipping is a popular shipping company that offers residential moving from USA to India, in all sizes. They are popular for their quick response and pre-move estimates.

What Gandhi International Offers

  1. Tailor-made courier solutions
  2. Customers can send documents, parcels and other consignments through standard delivery
  3. In case of urgent deliveries, they have priority-delivery options
  4. Doorstep pick-up and delivery options

What they’re good at

  1. In all Kinds of shipment, they provide Door to Door service that covers packing and pick-up and delivery at doorstep.
  2. Their transit time is comparatively lesser to others which are 8 – 10 weeks.
  3. They do not charge additional for palletization.

Located in the city of Nadiad, in Gujarat, Gandhi International has been offering international courier services to the local Gujarati community since 2010. Surprisingly, though, they don’t seem to have a website, at least not one that is discoverable through Google’s search engine! But, you can locate them via aggregator sites like JustDial and TradeIndia. They also don’t seem to have any social media presence, so it is difficult to really find out too much about what they offer or their quality of services.


  1. All information pertaining to price quotes, service options and delivery times are made available on request via emails or phone calls.
  2. There is no indication of what areas in the USA they serve or if they ship packages from India to USA and vice versa. All information is provided only via phone call.
  3. No way of tracking packages online
  4. In an age where transparency is valued above all else, the lack of information about Gandhi International doesn’t inspire too much trust.

Have you used Gandhi shipping for moving your things in the past? Please share your experience with us in comments below.

5 Replies to “Gandhi International”

  1. Finally, I cancelled my order with Gandhi shipping today and they are charging me $2500 just to ship my stuff from Parker, CO to Skokie, IL which is 50% of the total quote. I told them that I am ready to pay that too just to avoid the stress in dealing with them. I am talking with Unirelo and SFL worldwide to pick my shipment from Gandhi shipping. It was just such a bad experience that I couldn’t take it anymore and ready to pay someone else more money to do it properly.

  2. So I wanted to update again and say that the owner finally talked to me and gave me $3500 as the final quote instead of $6000 they were quoting me. They have kept their promise and sent my shipment with arrival date of 1st Sept in India. So I am hoping that things would reach safely in India. But the final assessment is that they need to work on their customer service a great deal and I wouldn’t chose them even though they are cheaper. SFL worldwide agreed to take care of my shipment but I didn’t go with them and their customer service and process were excellent. I would certainly recommend them instead of Gandhi.

  3. I want to add additional details about my experience now. Today suddenly they sent me a quote to pay another $5000.00 with all kinds of charges added to it. They took my stuff on 17th June and haven’t loaded into shipping container now. So already 22 days passed and a sudden invoice saying that I have sent 2 TVs when I had none. So they don’t even check your packing list. I am trying to transfer to another shipping company if I can get a company to do that. I am done with their unprofessionalism and unfair business practices.

  4. I am currently using Gandhi shipping to move my stuff to India. My experience with them is anything but good. I wouldn’t suggest anyone using them unless they want stressful times. Here are the reason for my such comments:

    a) They initially gave me a quote based on my list of items. They changed it again when few boxes became extra and once they received my shipment, they are trying to change the quote again even though I gave them complete and full packing list.

    b) No proper communication and you have to ask them constantly as what is next steps. I had confirmed June 15th as my shipping date and they one day before told me that they cannot meet that day even though they confirmed it one month back. They provided sub-standard packers who yelled at me because their truck was delayed on 17th June by 5 hrs. I had to go and get the packing supplies myself. So their cheap price adds up pretty quickly. Everything with my move was going very smoothly until they came into picture.

    c) The owner talked to me directly and was pleasant to talk but haven’t kept his promises made until now.

    The cheap quote they gave upfront will add up pretty quickly with everything you have to pay for – as they charge for everything separately and it is not very transparent process. My original quote of $2900 has already became ~$4500 and will continue to grow as per their latest emails regarding my volume being more.

    So unless you are okay with the stress, I would suggest that you pay more and have your move done by professionals.

  5. Hi Smitha,
    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. Sorry, you had to go through this. I’m sure this will be useful for others.

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