Despite low prices, GarudaVega isn’t a hot favorite for shipping from USA to India and vice versa. Here’s why.

Garudavega is a well established shipping company with over 41 branches in India. They claim that their USA to India shipping options are very economical and cheaper compared to other shipping agencies.

Garudavega Reviews

Headquartered in Hyderabad, GarudaVega has branches all across India, including Tier 2 cities. It ships to and from multiple international destinations, including the US, UK, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. It also has an office in Atlanta, in the US. Compared to other shipping companies, like FedEx and DHL, however, the charges are low. They operate 24×7, serving a vast Indian community located all over US. They claim to deliver packages from USA to India within 5 business days.

What GarudaVega Offers

  1. Pick-up from doorstep and drop-offs at the nearest location on request, at no additional costs
  2. Huge discounts for business couriers
  3. Located in 41 Indian locations, including several small towns and semi-urban locations
  4. Ships medicines from USA at competitive rates
  5. Many homemade foods, like pickles and snacks, can be sent, although no liquids are allowed
  6. Electronics, like tablets and phones, can be shipped to India
  7. All items are packed under supervision of customers to ensure peace of mind
  8. All major payment modes accepted. Customers can also pay at their office in Atlanta
  9. Special deals for students and office executives


  1. They don’t take responsibility for in-transit damage
  2. Many customers have complained about late delivery of packages
  3. There have been complaints regarding missing parcels as well
  4. Reports of missing items in the parcels

Cost Estimates

  1. Documents weighing up to 0.5lbs: $39
  2. Box weighing 5lbs (5x5x5 inches dimension): $59.99
  3. Box weighing 10lbs (10x10x10 inches dimension): $89.99
  4. For bigger shipments, price quotes are provided on filling the GarudaVega Request Information Form.
  5. Customs fee, if any, has to be paid by the customers

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