JetPrivilege HDFC Diners Club Card

The all-rounder card with a combined benefit of HDFC’s vast network of partners, Jet Airway’s exclusive JPMiles program, and Diners Club known for its generous lounge access benefits.

A premium credit card with vast benefits ranging from online purchases to airline bookings, this card has been designed for the luxury lifestyle followers in the high net-income bracket.  Along with a huge welcome benefit, the card offers unlimited airport lounge access in over 600 destinations across the globe, making it a highly advantageous travel card.

Features of JetPrivilege HDFC Diners Club Card

  1. First year annual fee of Rs. 10,000 and renewal fee of Rs. 5000
  2. On spending Rs. 8,00,000 in a year, customers can get a waiver on next years’ membership fee.
  3. Welcome benefit of up to 30K JPMiles and 15 JP Tier-points within the first 90 days
  4. 8 JPMiles for every Rs. 150 spent
  5. 3X JPMiles on booking tickets directly from Jet Airways
  6. 5% discount on base fare on revenue tickets booked on Jet Airways
  7. Premium check-in and additional baggage allowance in domestic airports
  8. 15,000 JPMiles of spending Rs. 150,000 in the first 90 days of card issuance
  9. Discount voucher code up to Rs. 750 in booking return tickets in selected places
  10. Unlimited complimentary golf games across 20 golf courses in India and 40 golf courses internationally.
  11. Complimentary golf lessons in selected Indian locations
  12. Exclusive 24/7 concierge services for travel bookings, gift deliveries, hotel referrals and reservations, courier services and car or limousine rental services
  13. Exclusive lounge access in airports across 600 locations worldwide; including 30+ domestic airport lounges. This includes use of internet, fax machines, refreshment facilities and conference rooms.
  14. 1 JP Tier-point on every Rs 150,000 spent on retail transactions.
  15. 15% discount on finest restaurants globally
  16. Dedicated personal banker and other ‘classic banking’ facilities by HDFC bank.
  17. Revolving credit @1.99% per month
  18. EVM-chip technology for enhanced card protection
  19. 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver
  20. Up to 3 add-on cards can be availed for family members


  1. High annual fees
  2. Fuel transactions, EMI transactions, wallet load and insurance spend are not eligible for point accruals.
  3. Airmiles and tier points applicable only for Jet Airways bookings; this applies to discount on base fares too.
  4. A minimum Average Quarterly Balance of Rs. 1 Lakh in a Savings Bank account with HDFC is necessary to get access to the classic banking features. This can also be Rs. 5 lakhs combining all savings bank and term deposit holdings.
  5. All rewards and access to airport lounges is applicable only for the primary card holder.
  6. Customers have complained about over-charging in specific HDFC branches
  7. No insurance coverage for credit card frauds
  8. Not so much redemption possibilities in India; the HDFC Diners Black is a better option in that category.


  1. Good for frequent international travellers; who mostly opt for Jet Airways
  2. Lowest roll-over interest rates
  3. Good customer services
  4. Exclusive partnerships with restaurants around the globe
  5. Unlimited airport lounge access


  1. High annual fees
  2. Lots of terms and conditions for miles accrual
  3. Not beneficial for domestic travelers
  4. Not beneficial for international travelers in other airlines

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JetPrivilege HDFC Diners Club Card
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The all-rounder card with a combined benefit of HDFC’s vast network of partners, Jet Airway’s exclusive JPMiles program, and Diners Club known for its generous lounge access benefits.

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