Reliance Money Business Loans

Reliance suffers from the same customer services problems as many other business loan providers. So, is its business loan worth it? Read on.

Aiming to make India self-reliant, Reliance Money, a division of Reliance Capital Ltd., provides loans to SMEs for growth and expansion purposes. The company offers a variety of options among its business loans to cater to the unique requirements of Indian SMEs. Among these options, the equipment loan is the most popular.

Reliance Money Business Loan Features

  1. Get business loans to cover up to 80% of the planned investment in plant and machinery. However, the actual amount disbursed varies depending upon the SME’s eligibility, structure and capacity for repayment.
  2. Get equipment loan of up to ₹1 crore, without any requirement for proof of financials.
  3. Equipment loan of up to ₹2 crore can be obtained without any secondary collateral.
  4. Loan tenure is between 48 and 60 months.
  5. Loans are generally processed within 2-5 working days, after documentation. In case your loan amount is below ₹50 lakhs, you can get approval within 1 working day.
  6. The loan can be foreclosed within 12 months of disbursement at 5% + GST and 2% + GST thereafter.
  7. The loan can be repaid through electronic clearing system (ECS) or post-dated cheques.
  8. Loan overdue interest rate is 26% per annum.
  9. Your company can be eligible for a business loan from Reliance if it has had profitable operations for a minimum of 3 years and stability of operations vis-à-vis geography for at least 2 years. You would also require an individual co-applicant.


  1. Reliance Money has received negative reviews regarding the responsiveness and attitude of its customer services staff.


  1. Quick disbursement of loan amount
  2. Loan up to ₹1 crore without the requirement for financials


  1. Customer services is not up to the mark.

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