SFL Worldwide

SFL Worldwide specialises in domestic & international relocation services and is quite popular among returnees from USA to India.

SFL Worldwide is probably one of the most favorite shipping company from the USA to India. When it comes to relocation services, SFL has its own specialized services and is very professional in its approach.

They help you move furniture, electronics, and even whole household items via air, land, and ship.

Community members have reported that their TV shipping service is pretty impressive and professional. However, there have been reports that their pricing is expensive and services not available in all regions of USA.

Common Issues

Some of the common issues with SFL worldwide (actually these are common with most other companies too, but still) are..

  1. Misleading customer care representatives
    There have been many reports that customers are told one thing on the phone, before shipping and another thing when the shipment arrives. Like for example, time taken for shipping.
  2. Delayed shipping
    Many a time, customers have experienced delays in shipping, sometimes more than one or two weeks. SFL Worldwide mentions that sometimes these delays are caused due to external factors like weather and is common to any other shipping company.
  3. Custom duty surprises
    This is a grey area in most cases. Sometimes customers complain that custom duties show up as a surprise when the item/shipment arrives in the local port in India. Whether these charges can be completely avoided, how they are calculated etc are not usually within the control of the company.

What they’re good at

  1. Responsive customer service.
    Even though customers complain about misleading customer care representative, they have a responsive team, that usually is easy to get to.
  2. Specialized services like shipping TV
    They do have a wide range of shipping services, but customers have noted that fewer complaints come from specialized services like TV shipping from the USA to India.

Have you had any experience shipping with SFL worldwide? How has your experience been? Please share in comments so that others can benefit.

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