The Head Hunters India

If you are in Bangalore, Head Hunters might be a good choice because there are no offices anywhere else in India. Here’s more on them.

The Head Hunters India is one of the oldest executive search firms in India, catering to promising start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. It is a specialized award-winning, executive search firm, offering placement consultancy to senior level executives. Head Hunters has 600+ clients and a team of professional consultants with industry-wide expertise.

What Head Hunters Offers

  1. Finding the right candidates for top level management positions like C-Level suites, Managing Directors, Country Heads, Vice Presidents and so on
  2. Three decades of experience in search strategies, networking and résumé building services
  3. Expert team of professionals from top universities, who know the Indian job sector thoroughly
  4. Catering to niche sector companies like mining, oil and gas exploration, agriculture, automobile design, investment banking and software.
  5. Major clients include names like Polaris, Reliance, TCS, HCL, ITC, Adani, Huawei, Enercon Windpower and more.
  6. Easy résumé submission, as compared to extensive form filling that some websites ask from job seekers
  7. Candidates are not charged for services
  8. Access to job board with current openings in senior level positions
  9. Has a social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  10. Newsroom: a feed that displays current news in Indian political and the business sector
  11. High levels of professionalism and ethical standards


  1. Website downtime is common. This is a big issue if you compare it with services offered by LinkedIn and
  2. Doesn’t have a country-wide presence, apart from corporate offices in Bangalore

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