Is UniRelo the best shipping agency for returning Indians? Probably not the cheapest shipping agency but comparatively the most reliable. Hear it from our members.

UniRelo is a popular shipping agency among returnees from USA. They appear to have better coverage throughout India, offer competitive rates and is transparent in their process.

They also offer insurance coverage to shipped items (conditions apply). Community members have reported that although UniRelo doesn’t offer cheap prices, their consignments have reached destinations in India fairly accurately and at promised times. However, there have been issues like delay as well, but UniRelo blames “uncontrollable external factors” for this, like custom clearances, weather conditions, etc.

What they’re good at

  1. Competitive pricing
    Members have reported that Unirelo is very competitive in cost, and can offer very competitive prices against competitor quotes.
  2. Wider network
    Community members have also reported that UniRelo appears to have better and wider network throughout India.
  3. Transparent service
    While shipping delays and customs charges are unavoidable and common among shipping companies, UniRelo seems to be proactive and transparent about them rather than misleading. Because of this, customer complaints in this area seems to be fewer.
  4. Local Customs Escort
    They provide a local customs escort who helps you dealing with customs (negotiating etc).

Common Issues

UniRelo is not immune to some of the common issues in this industry. Some of their common issues are..

  1. Customs charges
    Customers have reported that many a times, they are surprised with exorbitant custom duty charges that are notified only when the shipment arrives in India.
  2. Damages
    Many customers have reported damaged items during shipping. UniRelo has denied accountability in many cases.

Shipping Charges

  1. US to India, Full Container Load (FCL) Shipping
    Cost – $2,300 Min.
    Estimated Time – 45 to 60 Days
  2. US to India, Less than Container Load (LCL) Shipping
    Cost – $645 Min (8 Boxes @55 Lbs each).
    Estimated Time – 60 to 90 Days
  3. Air Shipping US to India
    Cost – $595 for 4 boxes with 25 kilos each.
    Estimated Time – 5 to 10 Days

Have you used UniRelos shipping services? If yes, how has your experience been? Please share in comments so that others benefit.

3 Replies to “UniRelo”

  1. We are moving from CO to Hyderabad and are in the process of getting quotes from shipping companies. We just got a quote from Unirelo, for about 750 cu.ft (FCL volume is 1020 cu.ft approx), and they quoted us about $5k (without packing charges). Still seeking quotes from other companies. They cover insurance only if packed by a licensed packing company.

    A question I had for people who have used Unirelo, do we have to go to the port for customs clearance, or do they do all of that. And how transparent are they with the customs clearance process?

  2. Unirelo is ok but not great. Let me write down what they are really good at and what they suck at.

    – They’re good at behaving good with you, they’ll always be so cool in their behaviour, on the phone, at your home, they’re great.
    – Their initial quotes are very competitive.
    – They are good with packaging – very experienced guys.

    What they’re not good at.
    – Hidden costs. Expect some last minute extra charges.
    – Reach in India and customs. They always push you under the bus by not dealing with customs and you’d have to do all the haggling.
    – Post India problems. After reaching India, their reach to remote places are not that great.

    Having said that, they are popular – may be because of their brand name.

  3. Probably the most popular among shipping companies from USA to India, I’ve used UniRelo one time and it was a decent experience. There was a delay in shipping and they told me that it was beyond their control. Luckily, it didn’t get delayed for more than a week.

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